My husband Des had a massive stroke on the 16.5.2012 which left him unable to speak or swallow. He had a stoma fitted directly into his stomach while still in  Entabeni hospital where they started feeding him Mi Meal.  He had lost over 40 kg’s  the hospital started slowly increasing the volume when he left hospital he was  4 meals a day of 50g  once he got home we managed to increase the volume to 4 meals of 100g he started to pick up weight nicely.  He reached his correct weight the beginning of this year (70kg) and has maintained this weight. He is the healthiest he has ever been.  Mi Meal is a brilliant product.

He now has 3 meals a day of 104g  ( 2 Sachets) which he takes with milk . He is now able to swallow a little – thanks to his speech therapist at Headways – he has very small amounts of soft foods during the day but not enough to sustain himself.

I would definitely recommend Mi Meal. It is a fantastic well balanced product for long term use and the new formula has seen Des put on even more weight. He goes to very tough  Biokinetics therapy twice a week where his energy levels are pushed to the limit and still maintains this weight.

I have in fact recommended the product to a friend of mine whose husband had cancer of the throat and  battles to swallow enough food to put on any weight. He has been on over the counter “meal supplements” which has seen him grow thinner and thinner.

Thanks to the team at Energy Supplements, I don’t know what we would do without you.