Nina Riosa

During my preparation for the Dusi river marathon 2016 I used Skini Protein shakes as a nutrition supplement, to help me to recover from the training. I used one shake after every training and one before going to bed (3 shakes/day). Skini had definitely great impact to my recovery to the next training. The Protein shake after trainings and before bed helped me to recover for the next training for the morning that was as early as 6am. Skini also helped me to maintain my muscle mass which was important before the three day race. I would recommend Skini to everyone who wants to help the recovery from the trainings and maintain the existent muscle mass.

Nina is 7 times Finnish ladies open (K1) Marathon Champion, Canoe Marathon World Cup medalist, 9th in 2011 marathon world championships, 8th in 2011 European championships, 10th 2012 marathon world championships.