I was given 6 months to live after undergoing a Commando operation to the left of my throat and tongue in October 2008. I was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma. After undergoing numerous further operations plus 35 sessions of radiation to my throat, top of my lungs and lower face followed by chemotherapy, I had lost nearly 20 kgs. I had started off at about 68 kgs and at my worst time during the treatment I was just below 40kgs. I had a gastric peg inserted before the first operation and due to the removal of my swallowing nerves, I am not able to eat anything more than soup and porridge. This is still the case to this day.

A friend told me of Mi Meal (as it was then) and I started using it down my peg some 5 years ago. To this day I still using it. Initially I put about 5 sachets a day down my peg but now I use about 2 or 3 as I make soup out of the meal every else is eating and eat the, with cream. My weight is up to 56 kgs now and I believe some of the reasons for my strong recovery to the fact that I have eaten well and seriously looked after myself – ie eating 5 meals a day, walking, resting when I am tired, and most of all a positive attitude.

I still battle with my lungs and ears as they were radiated, and was recently in hospital for 23 days with pneumonia (October 2013). There are days when I am so tired I can’t eat soup orally so the option of mixing Mi Meal into the soup and putting down my peg is great as I know I am getting the best nutrition.

The most important joy is that I am still alive in spite of being given 6 months to live as squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most aggressive cancers. Praise God!!